About Tiffany Jackson, RVT, Owner

I believe that owner education is the most important part of all animal care. Without you, a pet will not get food and shelter, exercise and training, discipline, veterinary care or medication when needed and most of all tender, loving care. I want to help you and your pet build and strengthen your lifelong relationship.

I am a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) with over 30 years hands-on experience in routine and critical care, emergency, ophthalmology, avian and reptile care, anesthesia, and surgery. I taught animal CPR and First Aid for the Red Cross and have relied on each during my years in veterinary hospitals. I am an experienced rider and have volunteered at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, Anne Arundel SPCA and other animal welfare organizations.

I attend Continuing Education at least yearly to maintain my license and to keep up to date on current developments in the field as well as new techniques and treatments. I regularly read about and examine whenever possible new products as they come to market.

I want to help those who may be overwhelmed by the care their pet needs, those who haven’t had a day off or taken a vacation due to their pet’s demands. I can provide practical guidance for new pet owners as well as those dealing with a short-term medical problem or just need a helping hand. I also enjoy connecting with all animal lovers.

My household currently is home to 3 dogs, Lilly, a Pointer Mix adopted from Anne Arundel County Animal Control, Tessa, a labrador retriever, that needed nursing care starting at 9 days old, and my newest addition is Sheldon, a Jack Russell Terrier Mix adopted from a rescue. I have owned and cared for cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, a snake and other animals in the past. I have spent many hours in and around barns engaged in whatever work was required to maintain safe and sanitary conditions for the inhabitants (horses, cows, goats, etc) and enjoyed participation in 4-H for a decade.

My husband of 23 years, Curt and my two sons, Bryce and Cameron, make up the rest of my family. They allow me to help others and never know what I might bring in the front door. This allows me to be the best care-giver to your pet under any circumstances.

I look forward to meeting you!


Meet the Team

Annabelle Browne

My name is Annabelle! I recently moved to the horse farm my boyfriend lives on, along with his dog, and our four ducks. In my spare time I enjoy plantcare/gardening, creating and studying art, and collecting various knickknacks. I have been teaching painting lessons for adults (and sometimes children) for 2 years now, the most recent year at Pinot’s Palette. I’ve always taken care of friend’s/neighbors/family’s pets, regardless of what else I was doing at the time. My first job was walking dogs for my immediate neighbors, which progressed into pet sitting, and then eventually they started telling their friends and family about me, and I’d take care of those pets too. I’ve always had pets growing up, and have always been around people who had ones of their own. I recently lost my family dog, and it makes me happy to see glimmers of my girl in various dogs I encounter. I am still pretty young, and for right now I am content to go wherever the wind blows me. My boyfriend and I plan on getting more ducks this coming spring, and hopefully will be able to locally sell some eggs. I love to teach, and don’t see that stopping anytime soon. I hope to plant some crops and flowers in my garden next year, and perhaps convince my boyfriend to get me my own cow. 

Hana Hawthorne

My name is Hana and I am a passionate animal lover and caretaker to a horse, a dog, and two cats of my own. I am a recent graduate of Elon University and I plan on continuing my education, but am taking some time off from school to decompress and just “be”. I believe the best way for me to do that is to spend time with furry friends.

I am a competitive horseback rider, which has given me a deep understanding of animal care, behavior, and needs. I find great fulfillment and immense joy in spending quality time with animals of all shapes and sizes, and understanding their unique personalities and needs. 

Being an animal caretaker aligns perfectly with my love for these amazing creatures, my desire to make a positive impact, and my enjoyment of spending time outdoors. It’s a privilege for me to contribute to the well-being and happiness of animals under the care of Ally 4 Pets, while at the same time providing peace of mind to you, their owners.

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