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Ally 4 Pets is constantly looking for responsible, detail-oriented, and professional individuals who are compassionate toward animals. We want people who share our pet care philosophy and genuinely love pets. If you have the experience and want to learn more about what our company offers, please fill out the questionnaire form below. We will be in touch soon!


Can you work holidays?
Can you do mid-day walks between the hours of 11 am and 2:30 pm Monday-Friday?
Are you available to work at least two weekends a month?
Are you available to do long-term pet sitting assignments? (ie. a week long w/ multiple visits/day)?
Are you willing to commit to six months of time working for Ally 4 Pets?
Are you willing to bathe dogs? (Not grooming)
This involves picking up a dog at their home, going to a store and giving them a throrough bath, bringing them to my house so I can do a nail trim +/- ear cleaning, anal glands, etc, then bring them home again.
Do you feel comfortable trimming animal nails? (Dogs, Cats, Small Animals)
Do you own/have access to an insured vehicle?(Required)
Do you have a valid Maryland Driver's License?(Required)
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?(Required)
Do you have any experience working with pets?
What pets do you own?
When are you available to start?(Required)
Do you have daily access to the internet and the ability to communicate effectively by returning phone calls and emails promptly?(Required)
Do you own a smart phone?
Have you read through the Pet Nanny website?