As the leaves fall and the temperature drops, November brings with it a season of gratitude, warmth, and celebration. But as a pet owner, you know that this time of year can also present unique challenges for pets. From planning pet-friendly Thanksgiving gatherings to ensuring your furry friends are safe during winter adventures, there’s a lot to consider. Allow us to ease your worries and provide top-notch pet care services during this exciting month.

During Thanksgiving, there are usually large family gatherings and we want our pets to be a part of those, but we need to consider how to keep our furry pals safe and happy during this festive occasion. If this is the first year you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house and maybe the first time your pet will be surrounded by all of your family at once, consider putting your pet in a quiet room maybe in its kennel while the majority of the festivities are taking place. This protects them from getting any food that may upset their stomachs or worse poison them and it also allows them to get used to all the noise and understand that it is safe.

If you want to include your pet in the Thanksgiving festivities, make sure it has a place that it can go to get away quietly if it chooses to do so. Also here is a great article from the AKC (American Kennel Club) on those foods that are safe and not safe for pets to eat at Thanksgiving. “What Thanksgiving Foods can I give my Dog?”

If your pet has already experienced Thanksgiving and maybe did not like them, consider leaving your pet at home and have one of our trustworthy pet sitters take care of your pets, while you go enjoy the Thanksgiving feast. To book one of our pet sitters, click here.

If you are traveling with your pet during the winter months, make sure their identification is up to date. If your pet is microchipped, make sure the chip has up-to-date information on how to get hold of you. Did you get rid of your home phone number and only have a cell phone now? Have you moved to a new address? Also, make sure they have some sort of tag with identification. Here is one I have on my own pets that wraps around their collar so you can change it if you change collars. Lucky Pet Bone Collar Depending on where you are going or what activities you plan on doing, make sure your dogs will be prepared for the weather. As a general rule, those dogs with short coats, small dogs, and elderly dogs may need some help staying warm when it’s cold outside. Make sure to check what your dog is comfortable in before using it for the first time. I like Foggy Mountain Coats for my dogs because they are quick on and quick off and allow full movement of all the legs.